200+ Best Instagram Captions in Spanish

Instagram Captions in Spanish: Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites all over the world. From the Report of statista site Nearly 140 million people use Instagram in the world. From 140 Million users every people post on Instagram as his or her like.

A nice picture and a good Instagram caption can tell a thousand words about your feelings. So try to use good Instagram Captions with your photos or selfies to post on Instagram. But if you can’t write good Instagram Captions in Spanish to post with your photos or selfies then you can pick Good Spanish Instagram Captions from this article.

Here, I complete this article with 100+ Best Instagram Captions in Spanish to help you to post on Instagram. I hope you like those Spanish Instagram Captions and post on Instagram with your favorite Instagram captions from here.

In this article, you also can learn

  • What is Instagram Caption?
  • Why You should Use an Instagram Caption?
  • Tips to write a Nice Instagram caption.

What is Instagram Caption?

Instagram Captions is known as a description or explanation about your photos or selfies or post. Also, you can use Emojis as an Instagram Caption if this emoji can explain your photos and your mind. Here is an image example of an Instagram caption. In this image red color marked option is Instagram Caption.

  • Why You Should Use an Instagram Caption?
  • Mainly, we use Instagram Captions to express our feelings, our moments, and explanations about our photos. So, You should use Instagram captions to express your feelings, and your moment, and explain your photos.

  • Tips to write a Nice Instagram caption.
  • Everyone uses a caption for whatever he or she wants. But here I share some points that you can use when you write an Instagram Caption and also you can pick your Spanish Instagram Captions that I giving below.
    1. Ask for Something
    2. Write about images, selfies, or posts.
    3. Use Emojis when you write Instagram Captions
    4. Use One or Two Hashtag

    One Word Instagram Caption in Spanish

    Here are some One Word Spanish Instagram captions that you can use on your Instagram when you post anything. I hope those words help you to express your feelings.

    ✅ Hermanas
    [In English – Sisters ]
    ✅ Hermanos
    [In English – Brothers ]

    ✅ Amistad
    [In English – Friendship ]
    ✅ Afortunado
    [In English – Lucky ]
    ✅ Precious
    [In English – Precious ]

    ✅ Divertida
    [In English – Fun ]
    ✅ Aventuras
    [In English – Adventures ]
    ✅ Especial
    [In English – Special ]
    ✅ Loca
    [In English – Crazy ]
    ✅ Ambición
    [In English – Ambition ]

    ✅ Momentos
    [In English – Moments ]
    ✅ Leyenda
    [In English – Legend ]
    ✅ Inesperado
    [In English – Unexpected ]
    ✅ Vacaciones
    [In English – Holidays!!! ]
    ✅ Impresionante
    [In English – Awesome ]

    ✅ Maravilloso
    [In English – Marvellous ]
    ✅ Disfrutando
    [In English – Enjoying ]
    ✅ Inspirar
    [In English – Inspire ]
    ✅ Sorpresa
    [In English – Surprise! ]
    ✅ Caliente
    [In English – Hot ]

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    Short Instagram Captions in Spanish

    Here are some short Spanish Instagram captions that you can use on your Instagram when you post anything. I hopr those words help you to express your feelings.

    🔯 Solo yo.
    [In English – Just me.]
    🔯 Como una jefa
    [In English – Like a Boss.]
    🔯 Mi nuevo look.
    [In English – My new look.]
    🔯 Soy mi propia jefa.
    [In English – I am my own Boss.]
    🔯 Soy edición limitada.
    [In English – I am Limited edition.]

    🔯 Disfruta cada momento.
    [In English – Enjoy every moment.]
    🔯 Próximamente, en breve, pronto.
    [In English – Coming Soon.]
    🔯 Puede ser tu mal habito.
    [In English – It can be your bad habit.]
    🔯 El domingo es mi día divertido.
    [In English – Sunday in my Fun Day]
    🔯 Estoy corriendo para completar mi sueño.
    [In English – I am running to complete my dream.]

    Funny Spanish Captions for Instagram

    Any kind of funny thing gives extra happiness to everyone. You can post funny Spanish Instagram captions on your profiles to share your happy moments. Here I give the best Funny Spanish Captions for Instagram for you.

    Those Funny Spanish Instagram captions help you do share your feelings and make a good moment for you.

    ⏩ “La vida es un carnaval, ¡baila!”
    [In English: Life is a carnival, dance! ]

    ⏩ “La risa es mi mejor accesorio”
    [In English: Laughter is my best accessory ]

    ⏩ “No soy un modelo, solo un modelo a seguir”
    [In English: I’m not a model, just a role model ]

    ⏩ “¡Hoy es un buen día para ser feliz!”
    [In English: Today is a good day to be happy! ]

    ⏩ “El amor es ciego, pero la risa lo cura todo”
    [In English: Love is blind, but laughter cures all ]

    ⏩ “No soy perfecto, pero tengo mi encanto”
    [In English: I’m not perfect, but I have my charm ]

    ⏩ “La risa es la clave para una vida feliz”
    [In English: Laughter is the key to a happy life ]

    ⏩ “No soy un genio, solo soy muy divertido”
    [In English: I’m not a genius, I’m just really funny ]

    ⏩ “No soy una celebridad, solo soy famoso en mi propia mente”
    [In English: I’m not a celebrity, I’m just famous in my own mind ]

    ⏩ “Si no puedes reírte de ti mismo, ¿quién más te va a hacer reír?”
    [In English: If you can’t laugh at yourself, who else will make you laugh? ]

    Romantic Spanish Captions for Instagram

    ⏩ “Mi vida eres tú”
    [In English: My life is you ]

    ⏩ “Eres mi todo”
    [In English: You are my everything ]

    ⏩ “Eres mi sol en los días grises”
    [In English: You are my sun on gray days ]

    ⏩ “No puedo imaginar mi vida sin ti”
    [In English: I can’t imagine my life without you ]

    ⏩ “Te amo más que ayer, menos que mañana”
    [In English: I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow ]

    Romantic Spanish Captions for Instagram

    ⏩ “Eres mi todo el universo”
    [In English: You are my whole universe ]

    ⏩ “Eres mi único amor”
    [In English: You are my one and only love ]

    ⏩ “Eres mi luz en la oscuridad”
    [In English: You are my light in the darkness ]

    ⏩ “Te amo más cada día”
    [In English: I love you more every day ]

    Positive Instagram Captions in Spanish

    ⏩ “No te rindas nunca”
    [In English: Never give up ]

    ⏩ “Aprendiendo a sonreír en cualquier momento”
    [In English: Learning to smile at all times ]

    ⏩ “La sonrisa es el mejor maquillaje que puedes llevar”
    [In English: A smile is the best makeup you can wear ]

    ⏩ “Cada día es una nueva oportunidad para ser feliz”
    [In English: Every day is a new opportunity to be happy ]

    ⏩ “Vive la vida sin miedo a equivocarte”
    [In English: Live life without fear of making mistakes ]

    ⏩ “La felicidad es un camino, no un destino”
    [In English: Happiness is a journey, not a destination ]

    ⏩ “Empieza el día con una sonrisa”
    [In English: Start the day with a smile ]

    ⏩ “La positividad atrae más positividad”
    [In English: Positivity attracts more positivity ]

    ⏩ “La vida es un regalo, ábrelo con alegría”
    [In English: Life is a gift, open it with joy. ]

    ⏩ “Crea tu propia felicidad”
    [In English: Create your own happiness ]

    Spanish Captions for Instagram Selfies

    ⏩ “La vida es una aventura”
    [In English: Life is an adventure ]

    ⏩ “La confianza es la clave”
    [In English: Confidence is the key ]

    ⏩ “Sé tú mismo, siempre”
    [In English: Be yourself, always ]

    ⏩ “Vive la vida con pasión”
    [In English: Live life with passion ]

    ⏩ “No te compares con nadie”
    [In English: Don’t compare yourself to anyone ]

    ⏩ “Sé feliz sin razón”
    [In English: Be happy for no reason ]

    ⏩ “Confía en ti mismo”
    [In English: Trust yourself ]

    ⏩ “No cambies por nadie”
    [In English: Don’t change for anyone ]

    ⏩ “Una sonrisa es la mejor accesorio”
    [In English: A smile is the best accessory ]

    ⏩ “La felicidad es un estado de ánimo”
    [In English: Happiness is a state of mind ]

    Spanish Instagram Captions for friends

    ⏩ “Amigos para siempre”
    In English: “Friends forever”

    ⏩ “La amistad es un tesoro”
    In English: “Friendship is a treasure”

    ⏩ “Juntos vamos más lejos”
    In English: “Together we go further”

    ⏩ “La amistad verdadera es rara”
    In English: “True friendship is rare”

    ⏩ “Amigos hasta el fin del mundo”
    In English: “Friends until the end of the world”

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    ⏩ “La amistad no tiene fronteras”
    In English: “Friendship knows no boundaries”

    ⏩ “Los amigos son la familia que elegimos”
    In English: “Friends are the family we choose”

    ⏩ “La risa es mejor compartida con amigos”
    In English: “Laughter is better shared with friends”

    ⏩ “Los amigos son los hermanos que Dios nos presta”
    In English: “Friends are the siblings God lends us”

    ⏩ “La amistad es un regalo del cielo”
    In English: “Friendship is a gift from heaven”

    Spanish Food Instagram Captions

    Food Instagram Captions

    ⏩ “Comer bien es vivir bien”
    In English: “Eating well is living well”

    ⏩ “La comida es mi pasión”
    In English: “Food is my passion”

    ⏩ “Delicioso en cada bocado”
    In English: “Delicious in every bite”

    ⏩ “Comida sana, cuerpo sano”
    In English: “Healthy food, healthy body”

    ⏩ “Come bien, siente bien”
    In English: “Eat well, feel good”

    ⏩ “Comida casera con amor”
    In English: “Home cooked food with love”

    ⏩ “La comida es el mejor remedio”
    In English: “Food is the best medicine”

    ⏩ “Comida fresca y natural”
    In English: “Fresh and natural food”

    ⏩ “La comida es arte en un plato”
    In English: “Food is art on a plate.”

    ⏩ “Donde hay buena comida, hay buenas personas”
    In English: “Where there’s good food, there are good people”

    Sad Spanish Instagram Captions

    ⏩ “La tristeza es una forma de sanación”
    In English: “Sadness is a form of healing”

    ⏩ “El dolor es parte del proceso de sanación”
    In English: “Pain is part of the healing process”

    ⏩ “La vida es una montaña rusa de emociones”
    In English: “Life is a rollercoaster of emotions”

    ⏩ “La soledad es un momento para reflexionar”
    In English: “Loneliness is a moment to reflect”

    ⏩ “El dolor es temporal, la lección es eterna”
    In English: “Pain is temporary, the lesson is eternal”

    ⏩ “La soledad es una compañera silenciosa”
    In English: “Loneliness is a silent companion”

    ⏩ “Hay días oscuros, pero la luz siempre brilla”
    In English: “There are dark days, but light always shines”

    ⏩ “La vida es un camino lleno de altibajos”
    In English: “Life is a journey filled with ups and downs”

    ⏩ “A veces el corazón late más fuerte, pero duele más”
    In English: “Sometimes the heart beats stronger, but it hurts more”

    ⏩ “El dolor es inevitable, pero la superación es opcional”
    In English: “Pain is inevitable, but overcoming is optional”

    Spanish Instagram Captions for Nature Lovers

    ⏩ “La belleza natural es algo para admirar”
    In English: “Natural beauty is something to admire”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es el mejor medicamento”
    In English: “Nature is the best medicine”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es mi fuente de paz”
    In English: “Nature is my source of peace”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es mi museo al aire libre”
    In English: “Nature is my outdoor museum”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es mi catarsis”
    In English: “Nature is my catharsis”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es un regalo que debemos cuidar”
    In English: “Nature is a gift that we must care”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es una obra de arte en constante cambio”
    In English: “Nature is a work of art in constant change”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es una hoja en blanco para la creatividad”
    In English: “Nature is a blank canvas for creativity”

    ⏩ “La naturaleza es mi lugar de meditación”
    In English: “Nature is my place of meditation”

    Spanish Birthday Captions for Instagram

    Birthday Captions for Instagram

    ⏩ “Hoy es un día especial para celebrar”
    In English: “Today is a special day to celebrate”

    ⏩ “Un año más de vida lleno de bendiciones”
    In English: “One more year of life filled with blessings”

    ⏩ “Gracias por otro año de vida y amor”
    In English: “Thank you for another year of life and love”

    ⏩ “Este año será lleno de aventuras y bendiciones”
    In English: “This year will be full of adventures and blessings”

    ⏩ “Celebrando un año más de risas, amor y alegría”
    In English: “Celebrating another year of laughter, love and joy”

    ⏩ “Que este año sea lleno de amor, paz y felicidad”
    In English: “May this year be filled with love, peace and happiness”

    ⏩ “Feliz cumpleaños a mi persona favorita”
    In English: “Happy birthday to my favorite person”

    ⏩ “Hoy es un día para ser agradecido y celebrar”
    In English: “Today is a day to be grateful and celebrate”

    ⏩ “Un año más de vida y bendiciones”
    In English: “One more year of life and blessings”

    ⏩ “Que este cumpleaños sea el mejor de todos”
    In English: “May this birthday be the best of all”

    Spanish Instagram Captions

    ✅ Te amo demasiado.
    [In English – I love you so much.]

    ✅ Si amas la vida, la vida te amará.
    [In English – If you love life, life will love you.]

    ✅ Lo siento, te extraño sin tu permiso.
    [In English – Sorry, I miss you without your permission.]

    ✅ Ahora nadie me pide que salga al campo.
    [In English – Now nobody asks me to go out to the field.]

    ✅ Necesito seis meses de vacaciones, 2 veces al año.
    [In English – I need six months of vacation, twice a year.]

    ✅ Aprende a dejarte solo, verás que tu dolor se reduce.
    [In English – Learn to leave alone, you will see that your pain is reduced.]

    ✅ Cada experiencia difícil es una nueva lección para nosotros.
    [In English – Every difficult experience is a new lesson for us.]

    ✅ El amor no conoce su propia profundidad hasta la separación.
    [In English – Love does not know its own depth until separation.

    ✅ Cada uno tiene su propio mundo y todos son felices en su propio mundo.
    [In English – Everyone has their own world and everyone is happy in their own world.]

    ✅ Son realmente inteligentes, que pueden adaptarse a todas las situaciones.
    [In English – They are really smart, they can adapt to all situations.]

    Instagram Captions in Spanish

    🔯 Nací para brillar.
    [In English – I was born to shine]

    🔯 Haz lo que sea mejor para ti.
    [In English – Do what is best for you ]

    🔯 Ser feliz nunca pasa de moda.
    [In English – Being happy never goes out of style.]

    🔯 No hay nada mejor que un amigo.
    [In English – There is nothing better than a friend.]

    🔯 La vida se siente tan bien cuando sonríes.
    [In English – Life feels so good when you smile ]

    🔯 No posponga el trabajo de hoy para mañana.
    [In English – Don’t postpone today’s work for tomorrow.]

    🔯 Si no puedes ayudar a alguien, al menos no lastimes a nadie.
    [In English – If you can’t help someone, at least don’t hurt anyone.]

    🔯 Disfruta cada momento de su vida.
    [In English – Enjoy every moment of your life.]

    🔯 No sé a dónde voy, pero estoy en camino.
    [In English – I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.]

    🔯 No puedes vivir una vida mejor sin una amiga.
    [In English – You can’t live a better life without a friend.]

    🔯 Sonríe un poco más, arrepiéntete un poco menos.
    [In English – Smile a little more, regret a little less.]

    🔯 La vida es simple. Simplemente disfruta cada momento.
    [In English – Life is simple. Just enjoy every moment.]

    🔯 Ningún libro es inútil. Cada libro contiene algo bueno para alguien.
    [In English – No book is useless. Each book contains something good for someone.]

    Spanish Quotes for Instagram

    ✅ ‘All my life is in Spain. I will stay.’ – Paz Vega

    ✅ ‘Oh, lovely Spain! renowned, romantic land! – Rochdale

    ✅ Un viaje de mil millas ha de comenzar con un simple paso

    ✅ Like Spain, I am bound to the past. – William S. Burroughs

    ✅ ‘Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain.’ – John Masefield

    ✅ ‘Spain, the beautiful country of wine and songs.’ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    ✅ Even the moon was embarrassed by the beauty of Barcelona. – Andrew Barger

    ✅ “Spain- a great whale stranded on the shores of Europe.” – Elizabeth Oakes Smith

    ✅ I like the south of Spain, notably for the Moorish vigour and the weather. – Alexei Sayle

    ✅ ‘I was in Spain, with Mallorca and Getafe, which were exceptional experiences.’ – Michael Laudru

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